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Are you facing a messy divorce from your spouse? Is your ex failing to pay you alimony or child support? Are you looking to adopt a baby or be named the legal guardian of someone else? Call The Green Law Firm - Attorney at Law today at 706-227-4294 for a free consultation.


No matter the sensitivity or subject of your family law case, our attorneys are ready to offer you top-notch legal representation along with compassion and understanding for you as an individual. We understand that these cases often involve a lot of emotions, so we try to give you peace of mind whenever we can.

Our experienced family law lawyers proudly serve the Athens & Lawrenceville, GA areas. Contact us today and let us know what we can help you with!

What Does a Family Lawyer do?

Family law focuses on family-related matters that can be wide-ranging in their scope. Below are a few examples of how a family law attorney can help you:


Divorce: If you are getting a divorce, a family law attorney will be able to help you with the process. In many cases, family lawyers will help their clients come up with a settlement plan and negotiate with the opposite party. If things end up going to court, they will represent their clients' interests.


Adoption: There are many factors that go into adoption that can make it an extremely complicated and time-consuming process. Family attorneys can help you work through state laws that relate to adoption in your area.

Child Support: Child support can be a stressful thing to negotiate, and a family attorney can help you request child support, understand the paperwork, and request a modification of existing child support.

 A family lawyer will also be able to draft prenuptial and postnuptial agreements for you, as well as provide litigation support for those agreements when needed. Whether you are filing for divorce, looking to adopt someone, seeking child support from an ex-partner, or need legal assistance with any other family matters, the attorneys at The Green Law Firm have your back! 

With years of experience working in family law we know how emotionally charged these cases can be, and always maintain a position of professionalism, which allows us to fight effectively for your interests. We have extensive experience in the area of family law, and have provided services to clients in Athens and throughout the surrounding areas for years. Learn more about our firm below, or get in touch with us today!

Years of Family Law Experience

Whether your family law case involves divorce, child support, child custody, or legal guardianship, you can count on The Green Law Firm - Attorney at Law to provide dedicated representation. We will always look out for your rights and interests, and ensure you aren’t being taken advantage of. 

We Provide Service to Athens & Surrounding Areas

If you are in Athens or any of the surrounding areas in Georgia and are looking for a qualified family law attorney, get in touch with the team at The Green Law Firm. We handle family law cases involving child custody, alimony, divorce settlement and more. Our team is professional and will always fight for the best interests of our clients, no matter their situation.

If you need a family law lawyer, call The Green Law Firm - Attorney at Law today at 706-227-4294 for a free consultation.